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Let's visual it up !

26 April
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A mini-biography about myself? That's impossible.
Hmm...but according to people I jumped out of a manga called "Wallflower" in english. Some other people say I jumped out of random animes. Oh yeah...since I seem to meet people from LJ, my real name is Grace. I nearly fell over laughing when Germaine called me "Korean senshi (krnsenshi)."

...maybe I'm really made out of paper and I just want to be human.

AIM= LoonyBloodPuke (caution: Talking to me for ten minutes will cause your brain to degenerate)

A part of 36 Moons.

I love Jo.

EGL is love

Made by ninia_frambuesa

Mana-sama is love <3

Made by ninia_frambuesa

D. Gray-man is Love.

Made by sillywhims

Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner is love